SaaS web application for helping B2B firms to build
better  relationships with their most important


Building on the idea that “it is cheaper to keep a customer than attract a new one,” we want to be the canary in the coal mine for the benefit of stronger business relationships.


Our aim is to detect pain points in valuable business relationships before they become an irreversible deal breaker.

Our team and partners

Meet our team and partners

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Data points

50-90 %

A handful of large customers could represent
50-90% of the selling firm's turnover

5-7 X

Acquiring a new customer is 5 to 27 times
more expensive than keeping one

537 Billion

Cost of bad customer experience is $ 537
billion in US

A handful of large customers could represent
50-90% of the selling firm's turnover
50 %
Acquiring a new customer is 5 to 27 times
more expensive than keeping one
0 X
Cost of bad customer experience is $ 537
billion in US
0 Billion

KAM Customer Centricity

What does being customer-centric mean for key account management?

Voice of Customer

  • What are the critical success factors of the KAM relationship?
  • Measure satisfaction, needs, and goals in granular detail.

Buyer and Seller Enablement

  • Truly facilitate the relationships between both organizations
  • No longer a one-sided view, but a collaborative view.

Customer First

  • Deploy a customer-focused company strategy, not a sales method.
  • Include the customer’s

Enable Communication

  • Prepare communication and
    action processes for good and
    less good days.
About Vockam | Key Account Management Saas Application
Dr. Bert Paesbrugghe | Vockam | Key Account Management Software

Founder’s desk

About Dr. Bert Paesbrugghe

Dr. Bert Paesbrugghe is a Professor at IÉSEG School of
Management in Paris
. He holds a PhD in Business Economics from Ghent University and Vlerick Business School. His academic research focuses on buyer-seller relationships, industrial marketing, and key account management.


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We are trusted by our customers

The sales enablement tools that are currently on the market help to bust silos between the marketing and the sales department within a selling company. Yet, the silos between the sales department and the other departments remain, and the most important silo is yet to be tackled: the one between the sales organization and the customer organization. This is where sales enablement software and CRM systems largely fall short. For managing the sales pipeline, a good CRM package is the most adequate tool. For managing the relationship with the most important customers, there are no great tools on the market that incorporate the needs of the strategic customer.


Customer-centric thinking

Starting from the customer’s point of view’ is essential in today’s customer-focused business environment. Vockam is an extra layer over the selling company’s CRM tool. This layer is not intended to manage the revenue streams, but to manage the satisfaction of the strategic customers, demonstrate value for the customer, and further build the partnership.

Why is customer-centricity difficult?

In the new era where companies advocate their customer-focus, it is surprising that there are no tools available to strategically align the selling and the customer organizations to develop the partnership beyond the operational level, and to strategize the relational success. We are keen in aligning your internal organization to focus on supporting and growing the business with your strategic customers.

Vockam® is a SaaS web application that serves medium-sized and large enterprise B2B selling firms who want to deliver on their customer-centric promises with their strategic customers. The digital ecosystem seamlessly brings both the selling company and the buying company on the same page by integrating all facets of a modern key account relationship. The online software is revolutionizing the market of strategic account management by paving the path for selling companies in co-creating successful relationships with their most valuable customers.


More precisely, the digital key account management platform helps the selling company to identify the precise customer needs while keeping the key account customer well informed and involved in the actions the selling company is taking to continuously improve the business relationship.

Academic backbone

We are on a mission to help B2B companies deliver modern key account management. The foundational idea of the web application is based on eight years of academic research on strategic buyer-seller relationships -from the viewpoint of the buyer. These research efforts have led to the first prize of the 20th annual award of best doctoral dissertation at the American Marketing Association in 2017. We evaluated every aspect of key account management, and we rethought the implementation of digital tools specific for key account management.


Let’s listen to our customers

To nurture the most valuable relationships, selling companies should do what their strategic customers desire from them: learn from in-depth customer feedback via specialized surveys and telephone interviews with different stakeholders at the customer’s firm. Using this feedback in an action tool where the key account manager can divide responsibilities and tasks within the selling organization and with the customer’s team will bring both together for the benefit of their strategic partnership. A strategic relationship involves two sides, and thus the customer company is an integrated user of the platform.

The benefit of managing a strategic customer relationship better leads to improved satisfaction, loyalty, and profit. Our tagline summarizes this as ‘Relationships that Count®’.

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