Different levels of customer orientation, different plans.
Transparent, clear, and value-based pricing.
Proper onboarding and implementation, for free.
Unlimited Users.
Unlimited surveys.

Pricing per business unit/zone of your key accounts.

Thank you for looking for our pricing plan. If you would like any assistance, please feel
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EUR / Month

Customer Focused

The Ideal Package For Long Sales Cycles.

    • Organization chart screen

    • Information and Documents screens

    • Integration of the buying company

The pricing is VAT excl.


EUR / Month

Customer Centric

The Ideal Package For Mature Relationships.

    • Customer Focused+

    • Survey screen: unlimited surveys

    • Performance and Action screens

The pricing is VAT excl.


EUR / Month

Customer Champion

The Ideal Package For International Companies.

    • Customer Centric+

    • Competitors screen

    • Compound insight chart of the needs/ overview of all the accounts

    • API with Salesforce, Slack

The pricing is VAT excl.

Questions & Answers

Below we have listed the most frequently asked questions. We are glad to take a call to clarify this Q&A or when you have additional questions. You can book a meeting with a member of our sales enablement team via this link. You can also write us an email (sales@initiatives.co) or drop us your message in this page's chatbox.

The best package for your organization depends mainly on the level of customer orientation you want to achieve with your key account customers. The first package, ‘Customer Focused,’ helps you get on the same page with your customer. The second package, ‘Customer Centric’, will help your firm show the value you are creating and delivering to your key account customers.


It also enables you to focus on what your customers aspire from the partnership they have closed with your firm. The final package, ‘Customer Champion,’ puts the learnings in perspective, both externally and internally. We add state-of-the-art competition analyses and a set of integrations with up to 10 software applications you are already using in your company. 

This option is available for companies who want to get a deeper understanding of their key account customers. We organize interviews with five stakeholders from each business unit, and we add their comments to the survey questions.


This approach helps to get a clear picture of the message they are trying to bring to you. It also makes the survey complete in case of a non-response. You can choose to conduct interviews every year, every six months, or every quarter.

We define a business unit at your key account customer based on their level of (de)centralization. It is vital to be customer-oriented. In different zones or business units, we identify (slightly) different compositions of customer teams dealing with other structures, documents, meetings, needs, evaluations, news items, and tasks.  For example, your customer operates in three different zones/business units across Europe (France, Spain, Germany). So then, we have three distinct zones or business units in the platform. If your customer’s operations and commercial side are all centralized, you can go with just one business unit/zone for this key account customer. No worries, we will help you configure these business units/zones.

The software is built with a clear vision of supporting your key account customers. Hence, the pricing is based on the number of key account customers you want to manage better. Therefore, the number of users is unlimited. It also helps when it comes to the adoption of the system. Who wants to pay for those users who only need the platform a few times a year?

The pricing is set as low as possible, and you can start with only one business unit. There are no buckets of business units you should add. For example, if you want seven business units spread over different key account customers, you add seven. If you want to add 36, then you can select 36. This freedom avoids that you have unused accounts in the system. 

No, there is an unlimited number of users allowed to the system for both your organization and those of your customer organizations. But, of course, abuse of the platform is not permitted: the ecosystem should be used for its purpose.
Yes, we are happy to offer you discounts when you add more key account customers to your subscription. The discount plan can be found when you select more business units to your subscription. We grow together with you.
No, we believe in the value of our offering, and starting with a high bill before we have proven our value doesn’t feel right. For the same reason, you can start using the system with only one key account in the Customer Focused and Customer-Centric packages. For the Customer Champion package, you need to add a minimum of four business units because of the implementation cost of the integrations (APIs) with other tools. But, again, these implementation costs are carried by us.

Using the ecosystem and data security

Securing your data is an absolute must for us at Vockam. Therefore, we take it as a top priority to improve data security every day. All the data is encrypted and is stored on the heavily secured S3 cloud of AWS (Amazon Web Services). On top of that, we have opted for the sensitive data services package of AWS. If you want your data stored on a different server, contact us for details. For this option, we will work with the hybrid servers of IBM. This even allows you to store your data on your private servers. All users need to register before getting access to the platform, as well as they need to authenticate by a two-factor authentication login. We can also discuss the possibilities of implementing a Single-Sign-On (SSO) login.  We are also working on the ISO 27001 web security audit to reach the highest level of data security.  Vockam has an insurance policy for data breaches and cybersecurity.
You will get a standard integration with your Salesforce CRM package in the Customer Champion package. In addition, we offer you up to nine other integrations. We breathe sales, so we know that integrations help your organization kickstart modern key account management.
Yes, Vockam is designed so that the consulting firm you are working with can get a moderator role in the system. The consulting firm can be added free of charge and get the same user experience as the selling firm. You can select the level of responsibilities you allow your consultant.
We are driven by making your onboarding process as easy as possible. We practice what we preach on customer-centricity. We will take our time to get you started so that you can grow your partnerships in a blink of an eye. Feel free to already book our next meeting via this link.

Payment and Billing

The price is per month and is paid annually, and the payment is made via your company credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Discover, or debit cards). The financial transaction is secured via Stripe, so we don’t hold your credit card details. These are stored in Stripe. Click this Link if you want to learn more about the security at Stripe.
You can stop the subscription at any time. Please get in touch with us via sales@initiatives.co or book a meeting via link to facilitate this process. There is an automatic renewal by the end of your yearly contract period.
You will receive an invoice right after making the transaction. You will also find this invoice in your subscription menu in the application. If you want us to make some changes to this invoice, please email admin@initiatives.co.  
We calculate a pro-rata sum of the service you have used. This way, you start with a total number of business units for the following year. Grouping your business units helps you to unlock better discounts.